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If you’re new to the e scooter scene, it’s important to know the rules of the road. E-scooters are fun and convenient, but they can also be dangerous if not used with caution. Here are some tips for riding safely:

Involvement in an e scooter collision will result in injury and property damage.

While e scooters are fun and convenient, they’re also dangerous. Because of this, you want to be aware of what you can do to protect yourself in the event that you’re involved in an accident with an e-scooter.

There are several common things that people do when riding electric scooters that make them unsafe:

  • Not wearing a helmet
  • Riding on sidewalks (in most cities)
  • Following too closely behind other riders or vehicles

If you don’t follow all city laws regarding electric scooters and ride recklessly, then your injuries could be worse than they have to be if you wore a helmet and were careful when driving your vehicle.

Helmets are required and there are ways to rent them.

Helmets are required and there are ways to rent them. Helmet rental is not a substitute for owning your own helmet, however. Helmets should be worn at all times while riding, so if you’re traveling with other people who don’t have helmets, they should also rent one.

Helmets should fit snugly and be worn correctly, which means that the strap should be buckled under your chin, not around your neck. The helmet will feel secure on your head if it’s in the correct position and won’t move around as much as one that isn’t fitted properly.

Pay attention to speed and ride in the street or bike lane.

  • Ride in the street or bike lane. If you’re riding on a sidewalk, be sure to ride slowly and carefully because pedestrians may be walking nearby.
  • Don’t ride your scooter at night without headlights and taillights.
  • Wear a helmet! Wearing a helmet is required by law in many states, but if your state doesn’t require it then make sure you wear one anyway! A helmet can save your life if you fall off of your scooter—even if it seems like a minor spill!

Don’t ride at dusk or at night.

In many areas, electric scooters are not allowed on sidewalks. If you are riding your e-scooter and you come across a sidewalk, do not use it. You may be ticketed or even arrested if you do so.

When riding at night, keep in mind that e-scooters are less visible than motorized vehicles and pedestrians at night. Stay particularly alert for pedestrians who may not see you coming due to this fact.

Don’t drink and ride a scooter.

There are a few things you should never do while riding your scooter:

  • Don’t drink and ride a scooter. This is obvious, but it bears repeating because it’s easy to forget that alcohol impairs reaction times and judgment, and no one wants to be the reason someone else gets hurt or killed in a car crash.
  • Don’t ride with someone who has been drinking. If you’re going out with friends and want to get on their good side by offering them a ride home, don’t offer this if they’ve been drinking. You might seem like an awesome person for doing so, but it’s not worth letting anyone else put themselves at risk when they’re intoxicated. We know how tempting it can be when people are already inebriated—you feel like you’re being helpful or nice—but this isn’t the case here! You’d only be hurting yourself by allowing another drunk person in your vehicle (and yes, getting into an accident due to operating under the influence means that person was driving).
  • Don’t ride if you’re tired or under the influence of drugs or medications such as opiates (like codeine), benzodiazepines (like Valium)

Be aware of other cars, pedestrians, and even cyclists on the road.

  • E-scooters are not as fast as cars, so they can be difficult to see.
  • E-scooters should be ridden in bike lanes and on the sidewalk, but they do not need a helmet or license plate.
  • Pedestrians are more at risk when you’re using an e-scooter than if you were walking alone or biking with someone else on a regular bicycle (or even riding an electric bike). This is because they’re faster than pedestrians and can hit them without leaving much of an impact mark.

Be a smart rider by driving and parking safely.

  • Park in a designated area. Look for the signs that say “Scooter parking only” and park your scooter there.
  • Don’t block sidewalks or walkways. This can be dangerous to other people walking on the sidewalk, and it’s also illegal to block someone’s path while they’re going through an intersection. If you need to stop quickly (for example, if there is something in front of you), make sure you are far enough away from any walkway so that your scooter has room to stop without hitting anything or anyone else riding along with you on their own scooters!
  • Never park on the street! You must always park in a reserved space where a sign says “Scooters only! Do not park here!” If there are no spaces available in these areas, then simply drive up until reaching another parking spot within reach so that everyone else can see clearly where they should go when looking for their own spots within driving distance from each other; this will keep things safe both now and when more people begin riding around town later this year!

E-scooters are fun, but dangerous if not careful

E-scooters are a fun way to get around. However, they can be dangerous if you’re not careful. It’s recommended that you wear a helmet at all times while riding an e-scooter.

If you want to rent an e-scooter, there are several places in town where they can be rented: the mall, the park, and even your local library! Helmets can also be rented from these locations as well.


In conclusion, e scooters are a great way to get around town. But remember that it’s up to you to be safe, smart, and respectful when riding them.

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